Friday, September 5, 2008

Time for some pictures :)

1. The entrance to my programs (IES) building and where I will take most of my classes
2. A courtyard outside the IES building
3. Me with my first gelato and a european hair dryer in Porta Romana

Other various things:

1. In the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is the emblem of Turin, a bull, on the mosaic floor. It is meant to bring you good luck if you spin around on your right heel on the bull's most treasured possession.

2. Amore

3. Teatro alla Scala

4. Il Blockbuster

Alessandro Manzoni (famous Italian novelist) and his home

!The Duomo!

Collegio di Milano, where my dorm of my single bare room to come.

Torrazzetta, the farm/hotel in the Pavia countryside.


JulieWolfe said...

sam, everything looks so beautiful!
I can't believe it!! you're really in italy!

Samantha Robeano said...

Trust me I can't believe it either!