Sunday, September 7, 2008

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene...

On Friday, I had my first class here in Milano. For the next two weeks we are only having intensive language classes. The first day we had to take a test to make sure we were placed in the right level. While I've taken four semesters of Italian, I have been so out of practice that I have forgotten a ton. Right now I am in level 200 and it seems to be the right fit. My teacher didn't speak a word of English to us even when we didnt understand her she just slowed down, tried to say things another way or moved on to the next thing. When they say intense, they meant intense.

Saturday, myself and five other gals decided to visit the town of Verona (aka the home of the story of Romeo and Juliet). What a beautiful place!!!
1. Cute area as soon as you enter Verona

2. The third largest Arena still standing

3. The breath taking view from the top of the Castelvecchio (Old castle) built in 1354

4. Me :)

5. Check out the toilet (or the lack of toilet) at the cafe where we ate lunch

6. Duomo of Verona

7. The Pope!

8. Juliet's Balcony

9. "Romeo, O, Romeo"

10. Castelvecchio

11. A piazza in Verona

12. Exhausted from all the walking and the blazing sun


Laura Curtin said...

how do you pee in it?

Samantha Robeano said...


Haha ..thats what I did..