Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Che cosa studi?

When we first arrived at the Collegio Dorm, the Italians always were asking us Americans "Di dove sei?" (Where are you from) and "Che cosa studi?" (what do you study). Let's just say it got a tad bit annoying... We considered wearing t-shirts that said "Mi chiamo Sam. Sono di Ohio. Studio business." I'm so glad we've made it past that stage!

This is the third week of my classes and already I am behind in readings and general studying. I am taking only 4 classes (very little compared to my normal schedule back at IU). I am taking:

Intermediate Italiano 200 (IES)
I really enjoy my professor for this class. She does her best to make learning Italian fun. Overall, I am almost always frustrated with my lack of Italian skills in both listening and speaking but she seems to be the one Italian I can always understand. However, my Italian speaking in this class...or lack there of is a whole other issue. Some of the lower level Italian classes have gone on field studies to places like the grocery store or furniture stores to learn vocabulary. Our teacher told us today she didn't want us to think our class wasn't fun because we didn't get to do those things and proceeded to tell us that she would like to take us on a trip to go trekking (aka hiking). So much better than the supermercato!!

Strategic Management for Small and Medium Enterprises (IES/Cattolica Universita)
This is the one class I am taking through the partner university Cattolica, although it is still taught in English. The first few classes were a mix of lecture, class participation and group work so the two hours flew by. But the past two classes have consisted of pure lecturing and taking notes. Uffa! (as the Italians would say). However, Professor Antoldi is very nice and overall I think I will really enjoy the class. It is so different than my business courses back home which focus on LARGE and IN CHARGE corporate America. Whereas, this course gives insight into the Italian way of business, which is primarily small enterprises often family owned and run. The picture below is from Università Cattolica.

Comparing Italian and English Renaissance Literature (IES)
I couldn't help but jump at the chance to return to the subject I have always loved but haven't been able to fit in my business this and business that schedule at IU since freshman year. Amo lettartura, amo leggere e amo scrivere..a volte (I love literature, I love to read and I like to write...sometimes). We just finished reading the first five cantos of Dante's Inferno and this week we will start Boccaccio's Decameron. I love it all!

Post-Industrial Business in Milan: The Case for Fashion (IES)
To be completely honest, I only decided to take this class because it fit well time-wise with my other three classes to give me an overall decent schedule. The class itself is ....interesting I guess. The professor is a complete scatter brain and most of us can't figure out if it is the language barrier that is causing her so many mishaps or if that's just how she is normally. It is quite common in Italy to be, in a word, disorganized. She means well... I think. A lot of the business aspects of the class are overlapping with my management class so that is good for review. haha. The fashion aspect is not a normal area of interest for me but aftering spending this past summer working on the designers floor at Macy's and now living in Milan, I figure why not?! While in Milano, do as the Milanese do!

In addition, I recently signed up to have a language partner and I met her for the first time today. Her name is Michele (she told me to call her Miche...because I kept butchering the pronouciation of her whole name...haha oops). She wants to practice her English and I, of course, NEED to practice my Italian. She also is a student at Cattolica Universita and is 21 years old. She speaks English very well and I feel bad that she has to listen to me struggle through a few measely words of Italian. She seems very genuine and intelligent so I think we will get along well. For example, she said that one reason she loves her job (being a fitness trainer) is because she gets to meet so many different people and she is able to learn something new from every person that she meets. I loved that she said this! Wherever I am, I always try to value the opportunity of meeting a variety of people with so many different stories.

In other news, when you get sick of eating Italian food, find a good Greek restaurant and enjoy a full meal with good friends.

Coming soon: My weekend trip to Roma! :D


Joannaaaa said...

I'll take your advice about greek food when I get sick of Italian food.....


.... crap that hasn't happened yet. haha

I feel your pain about the questions... in Australia the little kids would ask us what "college" was (they call it Uni or University) and where "ohio" was.. then they made fun of us because we talked funny haha :) miss you!

Laura Curtin said...

every apparel teacher i've had is scatter brained.. even ALL the people i met in the LA industry were scatter brained... so its funny that italian fashion people are scattered also. LOVE IT!!! teach me everything. i want pretty things.